Bloomington Small Mammal

Bloomington Small Mammal Care

We understand at Eastland Animal Companion Hospital in Bloomington, Illinois not everyone has just dogs and cats. Some of us are more adventurous and have a wide range of small mammal pets. We realize your pet doesn’t have to be a cat or dog to be a member of the family so we are here to help.

We have experience working with wide range of small mammals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamster, chinchillas, hedgehogs and many more. A big part of owning a non-traditional pet is education on how to properly care for them. Similar to dogs and cats, they need regular checks ups to ensure optimal life expectancy. We can help guide you on preventive measures and help with diet requirements. We also have the capability to spay and neuter and perform general surgery on your rabbits and small mammals to keep them healthy and living a normal life.